is the artistic, powerful, and physically demanding discipline of Japanese ensemble drumming.

Taiko combines rhythm, movement, and melody into a thrilling spectacle that delights audiences.


Why Taiko?

Taiko Team Building is a unique experience that will lead to lasting change in your organization.

Participants learn and develop teamwork skills by doing, not by passively sitting and listening to another presenter, or taking yet another personality test. Taiko Team Building provides group challenges that parallel situations faced in everyday work situations.

How It Works

Odaiko Sonora has standard team building sessions that can benefit any company. Alternatively, our professional facilitators can meet with you to identify specific issues that need to be addressed in your organization, crafting a session customized to your team's needs.

The session itself can be held at our spacious studio near downtown Tucson, Arizona or we can come to your site. We will provide all necessary equipment. Participants do not need a high level of physical fitness. The only limitation: the session must be held at a location where it’s okay to make a lot of noise!

Other Applications

Team Building isn’t the only way taiko can benefit your company.

Drumming activities are a fantastic way to rejuvenate people during lengthy meetings, and can add as little as 30 minutes to your agenda. Taiko activities are also a fun, constructive addition to trade shows, seminars, retreats, and conferences.